Sevier Studios

About Sevier Studios

Sevier Studios was created as the home for the Post-Orthodoxy livestream, to not just broadcast content, but to open a conversation with instant feedback from the audience. We look forward to expanding our content with support from friends of the show.

Post-Orthodoxy is not a conversation for everyone. Anything that we’re not supposed to question gets questioned, and this can make some people feel unsafe and defensive. These conversations introduce reasonable doubt into any dogmatic thinking that is encountered. Dark and Ainsley seek to reduce harm and build community through curiosity, understanding, critical thinking, truth-seeking, and compassion. Viewer discretion advised.

Post-Orthodoxy might be a perfect community for you if:

  • you find yourself wondering what’s really going on
  • you’ve had to give up important relationships because your beliefs changed
  • someone introduced you to a new way of perceiving reality
  • you get a thrill from challenging your own mind and perspectives
  • etc
Current Goal: 100 Subscribers9

Our Projects


“An Outpost in the Borderlands,” Post-Orthodoxy explores the liminal spaces around changing our minds, and blazes trails into the wilds of what’s possible. Dark and Ainsley Sevier bring their experience as escapees from religious cults to diagnose cultish behaviours in society at large, and to share their perspectives as social extremophiles.

Common topics include cognitive dissonance, personal biases, post-partisanship, Trauma Superpowers™, media critiques, conspiracy analysis, meme warfare, visions of possible futures, prescribed distractions, social justice, re-imagined histories, psycho-spiritual mumbo jumbo, entheogenic insights, metamodernism, religious trauma, etc.

Copacetic Conversations

In the Fall of 2018, Dark launched “Copacetic Conversations” with Mokai Malope of South Africa.  First a radio talk show that also became a live venue event, Copacetic Conversations was intended as a “post-partisan” interview program that fostered conversations across political, religious, and cultural divides. The team also included a Logical Fallacy Referee (and High School forensics president) Leif Clark, and Media Maven Ainsley Sevier managing livestream comments.  This was a Q&A program where Mokai interviewed a guest, Dark moderated in-between, and Leif schooled the adults when the conversation started to veer from productivity.   Our guests included a feminist Trump supporter, a Blue Dog Democrat, a Libertarian, a Pro-Life advocate,  an ANTIFA character, trans women, Mormons, Jack Mormons and other various folks from the neighborhood.

Jolly Roger Radio

Hosted by Ainsley Sevier, The Jolly Roger began as a kid co-hosted radio program on KBMF in Butte, Montana. Each week the show served as a platform for the voices of the young people of Butte to be heard by the larger community. The oldest of 7 children Ainsley Sevier naturally catalyzes open dialogue with kids aged from 4 to 19, bridging generational understanding from the youngsters to the elders. The Jolly Roger has been in dry dock since we were kicked out of KBMF radio, and we hope to find a new home for meaningful youth content someday.