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Sevier Studios was created as the home for the Post-Orthodoxy livestream, to not just broadcast content, but to open a conversation with instant feedback from the audience.

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“An Outpost in the Borderlands,” Post-Orthodoxy explores the liminal spaces around changing our minds, and blazes trails into the wilds of what’s possible. Dark and Ainsley Sevier bring their experience as escapees from religious cults to diagnose cultish behaviours in society at large, and to share their perspectives as social extremophiles.

Common topics include cognitive dissonance, personal biases, post-partisanship, Trauma Superpowers™, media critiques, conspiracy analysis, meme warfare, visions of possible futures, prescribed distractions, social justice, re-imagined histories, psycho-spiritual mumbo jumbo, entheogenic insights, metamodernism, religious trauma, etc.

Copacetic Conversations

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Jolly Roger Radio

Hosted by Ainsley Sevier, The Jolly Roger began as a kid co-hosted radio program on KBMF in Butte, Montana. Each week the show served as a platform for the voices of the young people of Butte to be heard by the larger community. The oldest of 7 children Ainsley Sevier naturally catalyzes open dialogue with kids aged from 4 to 19, bridging generational understanding from the youngsters to the elders. The Jolly Roger has been in dry dock preparing for its transition from a radio program to live stream and podcast.