“My dream is to be working in front of the camera or on stage with my fellow actors, creating a story that entertains and offers catharsis. People in the industry keep getting wind of my superb organizational skills, so that tends to be where I get hired and paid. It’s flattering, for sure! And organizing and caring for groups obviously comes naturally to me, after helping raise 6 kids full-time. I am very proud of the various crews I’ve supported, and make new friendships with every job. I hope to keep taking these sorts of gigs, but my primary focus now is definitely on finding a way into the storytelling side of things.”

The Frontiersman

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“My first experience in front of the camera was filming Clinton Dawson’s The Frontiersman, in a friend’s horse pasture in Southern Illinois, summer 2004. I was 16. Thankfully, my mom had gotten the idea to do a Colonial Williamsburg-style family photo that year, so I already had a couple pioneer girl dresses.

My supporting role character got to bandage up an injured soldier. I also remember sitting on the open edge of a half-barrel all afternoon, filming a long conversation scene. My butt hurt so badly! It’s fun to be able to go back and watch those early attempts at filmmaking, thanks to DVD technology.

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