Zulu Summer

About Zulu Summer

On June, 15th of 2015 KBMF claimed 102.5 on the FM dial and began pumping out 100 watts of community radio: of, by, and for the folks of Butte, Montana.

Not long after it began to broadcast terrestrially, KBMF began “streaming relentlessly” to anyone in the world that could click the live stream button on ButteAmericaRadio.Org.

In 2016, founding Music Director Dark Sevier responded to an email sent to the station from an African Prince, who he assumed to be a 419 scammer.

An attempt to “scam the scammer” backfired when it quickly became clear that Siboniso Zulu was indeed a real prince from South Africa. The beginnings of this unlikely connection between opposite corners of the world was captured in the documentary film Zulu Summer.

Read Dark’s initial messages with the Prince | KBMF

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